Creative spaces are helping to change the way work is done in the office. Steelcase and Microsoft are partnering to create better place and technology. By combining these two components, it is allowing people to develop new and engaging ideas. These creative spaces allow teams and individuals to focus on projects. Either by collaborating or private spaces, by having these spaces available, the future of work is bright indeed!

There are several different options when it comes to creative spaces. No matter what your needs are, Steelcase has something to fulfill your requirements. These creative spaces are as follows:

  • Focus Studio
  • Duo Studio
  • Ideation Hub
  • Maker Commons
  • Respite Room

To view more about how these creative spaces are changing the workplace, here is a video from

Creative Spaces Specifically Designed For Work Spaces

Each of these creative spaces has different functionality available. One of these might better suit your needs over another. But each hub was developed with workplace performance in mind. Below we have a brief description of each room. You can also visit for more information.

  • Focus Studio – If you are working on some new ideas, this is the perfect place to start! Work on your project in a room designed to help you focus and create. When you finish, then you can share your design with colleagues. From individual work to collaboration with a colleague, the Focus Studio can help keep work private. Using the AirTouch table, one can swap from a sitting to standing position with ease. The design of the hub also helps reduce visual distractions, while the V.I.A. walls help cut down on noise from the outside.
  • Duo Studio – Collaboration is perfection! Bring a project to fruition with a little help from a co-worker. The Duo Studio is fabulous for working together. However, this space can also be used for individuals to work in peace and quiet. Additionally, this space provides enough room for two people to work side-by-side on a project while allowing space to move with ease. With easy access to technology and plenty of storage, working on any project can be easy. When you finish, invite another person to come and review the work that you have completed! Use your favorite Steelcase desk in the space!
  • Ideation Hub – Do you have an idea? Bring it to the Ideation Hub! Now, work your idea out by yourself or with a colleague or two. Work out the kinks and allow creativity to flow. WIth V.I.A. walls to reduce noise and privacy walls, ideas can become reality. Also, strategically place your furniture to allow greater movement. As per the standards of Steelcase, technology can integrate with ease into this space.
  • Maker Commons – Bring on the socialization! This space allows co-workers to mingle and take a quick break from the workday. Some of the best ideas can begin over a casual conversation. However, by placing a Brody Worklounge you can also create a space for employees to grab a cup of coffee or lunch while continuing to work on a project in relative privacy.
  • Respite Room – This room is ideal for quiet reflection and concentrated work. While designed for one person, this room can help rejuvenation while allowing for work to continue. The privacy walls keep noise and outside distractions to a minimum, and technology can be easily integrated. Charge devices, type a report or design a new project in a quiet environment.

Plan Your Creative Spaces Now

These creative spaces are simply amazing! We could go on and on with all the wonderful reasons we recommend them. Visit our showroom or our website to learn more about them. We look forward to helping you plan and execute creative spaces in your workplaces. While you may have questions, we have the answers! Contact us today, and let our experienced sales staff help you in your journey to implement these creative spaces in your workspace.

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