Colors mean so much for everyone. Colors can define someone’s inspiration, affect moods, and they can make or break an office design. Every business, team, and office have different needs for setting moods and inspiration as well as office experience. In this color guide, we’ll go into what colors you should be using in your office design and how it affects team performance.

The Effects of Colors in Office Design

Choosing the right color in your office will define how your team approaches work and get stuff done.


Green is widely known as the color of calm and serene nature. Green is the perfect color for hard workers that have long days in the office. Green is a color that does not cause fatigue but instead fights it.

The color green is used best in rooms with high-light, and are mixed with neutral colors that are not obtrusive in the calming and productive nature of the colored green.


Blue is the color to turn to if your goal is to deliver stimulation. Perfect for jobs that require an extended focus on specific projects throughout the day, blue is the perfect color for law offices, medical offices, or a financial office.


Yellow is the color of all creativity. At least, it helps promote creativity at the very least. Use this color in bright rooms, and you’ll magnify a fresh feeling of invigoration and creativeness throughout the entire room and bring a splash of color to your office design.


The key to any color is to avoid being too obtrusive. The color red generally comes as a bright dark red, which may prove some downward problems with working. If you generally need a red color in your environment, choose a red variant that is of a lighter shade.


You can choose the perfect colors for the best motivation and inducing happy moods for your office, but you’ll get nowhere without the proper implementation of those colors into your space.

Choose to go beyond that boring and unadventurous white walls, and dive into the realm of color and focus. Just do it right, if you’re going to do it. Don’t go all in and plaster every single wall a different motivational color, do it in segments.

Many offices choose to add color to a wall while also stepping up their motivation and culture game. They do these with innovative and custom wall murals, or poster walls. These are perfect for adding more flair and depth to any office design bring blank color to an even greater level.

It’s also a great way to incorporate furniture of varying degrees like chairs and tables into the color mix, creating a more gradient office design.

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