Moving to a new office is a big step and a heavy endeavor for any company, no matter the size or time frame. There’s just so much to remember and consider for the move with never enough time for any of it. Here are some tips and things to consider when moving offices for your company.

Planning Ahead

It’s best practice to start planning the move no less than two months before your actual date of moving offices. This will get you enough time to plan a feasible and smooth plan as you can possibly play out.

In these couple months before the move date, you’ll want to measure your new office and plan your furniture accordingly. Measuring will allow you to get the right furniture, as well as designate the rooms according to meet your best needs for each use case. This also leaves room to any furniture ordering you may need to do, as not all your furniture from your old office will be sufficient for your new space. With this, you will now want to gain quotes from your moving agency choices as well as decide on the best agency for your move.

Two weeks before your move date is the best time to get your furniture setup, as well as equipment services such as technology, phone systems, and most importantly, your internet connection in addition to any vital business lifelines.

Planning ahead will define the success and how smooth the transition will go for your business and it’s needs. You most especially do not want to deal with any serious problems while also trying to plan out everything else at a time that is too late to effectively address.

Your Space and Furniture

Moving offices has much to do with the space, of course, but it should also mean big changes to the effectiveness of how your teams use that space. Your business should be in getting more done in a better space that it is well suited for all of your needs.

Furniture is a big part of this. Rectangular desks are best for space functionality and can work great for an open office layout, while some round desks can work great for some of your space you need to fill in as extras to cater collaboration and discussions for members of your team. If you haven’t already, moving offices is the perfect time to upgrade your chairs for comfort, professionalism, and elements that add to the aesthetics of your space.

Finally, once you have created a plan create out an effective checklist that can be used throughout the entire process of moving offices from removal at your previous office, transportation, setup, technology, and during the moving day.

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