Steelcase is consistently challenging the way offices operate. The shift in how work is happening in the workspace is also affecting the furniture that is commonly used. Elective Elements is versatile and modern. By having stagnant furniture just sitting, this is no longer an option. Employees want furniture that is going to work as hard and efficiently as they do.

Elective Elements is the perfect answer! By challenging the way furniture should work, Steelcase has been integrating new and exciting pieces into its collection! Functionality, style, and ease of use are just a few perks with the Elective Elements system!

Elective Elements Allows For Flexibility

When it comes to working efficiently, we want flexibility and the options for new layouts as needed. Moving furniture around the office should not be a headache. Having a new setup every now and again can create a fresh and relaxing feel within the office. Elective Elements allows for flexible planning.

With the Elective Elements, there are several ways that it can be set up. Some of the options include:

  • Private Office (freestanding) – set up in the center of the room allowing for more space upon the desk. Collaboration can also be enhanced as you share the space with a colleague from time to time. From the CEO to the bullpen, these desks are perfectly functional for all.
  • Private Office (attached to the wall) – pushed and attached to the wall, leave more space open with the office itself. Collaboration can still occur with colleagues, but working on the same side of the desk, side by side.
  • Open plan (freestanding) – use this in any area as a freestanding and individual desk. These can be set up with several in a row, or one in a larger space allowing for anyone to use the space as needs dictate.
  • Open plan (use with panels) – set these up with panels to add more desks to an area, while still allowing for personal space in the workspace.

Elective Elements allow for each to express their creativity, and customize the space to the needs of each person. Seamless technology integration, and a clean smooth look, all combine to make this a fabulous choice within the office.

Rethink the Office with Elective Elements

Today, offices are continually undergoing changes. The offices of old are going by the wayside. There are new processes and functions arriving each day. Keeping up with the new and fabulous can get exhausting. By adding furniture that can challenge the offices of old can redefine and help rethink the way offices are operating. Collaboration is becoming more commonplace. Similarly, employees are wanting more open and clean spaces.

With modern thinking and new needs coming into work areas, there are many things to take into account. These include:

  • Enabling a smooth workflow 
  • Supporting guest workers
  • Maximizing space
  • Different zones for different operations
  • Privacy control
  • Technological integrations
  • Seating for all different postures
  • Enabling personal space

Elective Elements can help to enable the workflow and operations within the workspaces. Additionally, by having accommodations for fellow employees from other locations, work can continue with ease. Finally, a unique space is becoming a concern for many. But, being able to maximize and use what is available is a cash-saving option. No longer are newer and larger spaces a requirement!

Having rooms set up, such as through Personal Snapcab Pods, or by utilizing the Post and Beam options, allow for quiet and reflective creativity to flourish.

Let Us Help You Challenge Your Space Today

Furthermore, as it comes to planning and organizing spaces, we know that this can cause minor headaches. Also, adding in the want to incorporate new furniture, and sometimes the stress can feel overwhelming. Here at Steelcase, we are ready to help you from start to finish! With our space management, and project management options we can assist you with your needs from start to finish.

Give us a call today. Let us help you integrate the Elective Elements into your workspace now! Our fabulous staff is standing by to answer questions and provide support throughout the entire process. Stop into one of our locations today, or contact us now! We look forward to serving you!