As you design educational workspaces, it’s good to make them creative and collaborative enabled. The workspace environment should incorporate ways to stimulate creativity and nurture synergy. According to

The learning environment combines physical environments (spatial design, information technology, and building systems) and social aspects (learners, teachers, students, staff, and community members).

By having these elements in mind when you are designing your educational workspaces, you are essentially incorporating all aspects of your workspace environment into the plan.

Incorporating all elements of educational workspaces

It is important to understand all the elements of an educational workspace and to include them when designing them. As you develop the design, integrate creativity and collaborative aspects which can enhance the students’ experience with the environment. Let’s take a look at some of the elements to keep in mind…


The physical elements include spatial design, information technology, and building systems. The spatial design takes into account the way people will flow through the workspace. When it comes to information technology, it’s relevant to understand the needs of the workspace regarding the Internet, computers, devices, etc. The building systems in bring together things that keep everyone comfortable in the workspace such as HVAC, airflow, temperature, etc.


As for the social elements, they include learners, teachers, students, staff, and community members. Each of the social element will need to be treated differently. Learners/students need to have both creative and collaborative workspaces that also takes into account that the ability to have individualized environments is available too. For teachers/staff, they need more of the creative environment and access to the learner/student collaborative workspaces. In regard to community members, they need the collaborative workspace with the ability to incorporate creative when it is needed.

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