Getting the most out of your computer support is crucial. The way that your computer sits on your desk affects your neck, back, and eyes. What if you could find a setup that would support a more natural setting and view, as well as promote more efficient workspaces?

The computer support systems have many different functions and features. Each of these designs was drawn with your busy schedules in mind, as well as promoting more productive work areas.

Computer Support For Your Office

Each office has unique needs and setups. What works for one area might not work for the next. Being able to determine the best layout for each space is imperative.  Medical offices have specific uses for their computers. Many of these computers will move from room to room. Other offices, such as a corporate setting, will have stationary equipment but use more than one monitor to execute their job correctly.

Showcased below are two of the computer support products available. These setups and the many other computer support products available from Steelcase will give your office precisely what they need to execute daily duties suitably.

The Pocket

The Pocket mobile work surface is ideal for medical offices. This small and compact mobile unit keeps you connected as you move from workspace to workspace.

“As care becomes more complex, patients and clinicians are often unable to do the one thing that could help them most – connect. The pocket is the mobile worksurface that supports connected care, from task to task and space to space. It moves with clinicians to bring people, tools, and technology together, wherever they’re needed.”

Bring the Pocket into your medical office today! The sleek and modern design can move to both standing and seating positions. Perfect for the many functions of a busy healthcare area.

The Eyesite  

The Eyesite has impressive flexibility and can support up to SIX computer displays. This display can be set up for either desktop or laptops. Screens can be arranged for optimal usage and add to the comfort of the user. As stated on Steelcase:

 “As technology quickly evolves, displays are coming in more shapes and sizes than ever before, and employees are using more of them. By allowing users to control the angle and focal depth of their displays – regardless of quantity and size – the Eyesite collection gives them the ability to maximize display usage, increase personal comfort and enhance productivity.”

View more uses for the Eyesite here:


Expert Advice For Your Needs

Whatever the needs of your office, we have a product that will exceed your expectations. Our experts are awaiting your call! From start to finish, we are happy to assist and advise through each step of your project. From questions to solutions, furniture to decorations, our experts are ready to help you! Contact us today for all your workspace needs!