Educational spaces are ever changing. The way we view our classrooms and even interact within the educational spaces is evolving. Today, we are beginning to see more interactive classes. Educational facilities continue to redesign their spaces for better efficiency.

Along with the changes in the landscape of the classroom, there have been continual updates to technology into many classes. Learning is becoming more creative, and more hands on. Traditional roles of teachers and students remain, but the way those interactions occur are advancing.

Break Through The Traditional Classroom Mold

Traditional classrooms with the teacher at the front with the neat rows of desks are disappearing. Teachers are becoming more mobile with the use of whiteboards and other accessories, and students are interacting and collaborating more with each other. Instead of quietly working on projects alone, groups of students can pull together and work. Being able to move desks with ease is helping with these creative educational spaces. The Node series is one of the many ways that classrooms can become more productive. There are several benefits to the Node, and more information is available on our website. A few of the benefits are:

  • A clear line of sight – this helps the student keep the instructor or the board in a range of vision at all times. This cuts down on missed information and helps to keep the student engaged. Interaction is enhanced with the lecture but also in collaborating with other students.
  • Swivel Seating – Being able to move quickly in the chair allows students to move more freely. The mobility of the chair allows for freedom to follow interactions within the classroom and also permits quick moving of the school chair to a larger or smaller group.

The Future of Educational Spaces

Educational spaces are evolving, and so are the tools being used to impart knowledge. Technology is bringing more information to our fingertips. Students can gain more profound insights, as well as recover information needed during collaboration in shorter times. The use of the Verb Whiteboard can help increase student discussion and learning. The Verb Whiteboard comes in larger sizes for classroom use or smaller handheld versions for smaller groups. Being versatile, easy to clean, and made of durable materials all help to ensure that the Verb Whiteboard is functional for many years.

The Institut International de Lancy, in Geneva, Switzerland has been incorporating technology and active learning together. The melding together of the two helps to simulate life outside the classroom. However, classes are beginning to pull more creative learning styles into their educational centers. Students are becoming more actively engaged, and learning is moving away from pure lecture to more discussion and collaboration.

View how the International Institute of Lancy (Geneva, Switzerland) has embraced active learning:

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