Staying one step ahead of workplace stress can sometimes be difficult. Facing issues with team dynamics, vendor concerns, or even customer delays, you can become overwhelmed by stress. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the average work week is about 38.6 hours and could be full of pressure.

Finding relief from tension is very important. Those who do figure out stress relievers are the ones who try to distribute their effort throughout the day to make each hour within the work week count. The following tips will help you maximize your productivity in the workplace and get the most out of the time you spend in your office.

Organize Yourself

It’s no secret that organizing yourself leads to better clarity and a better work-life balance. Organizing your day helps you focus on one thing at a time so that you can give your best to each task at hand. Break down large projects into small, achievable chunks and use a calendar to schedule them through the week. Even clearing clutter from your desk and keeping every file and tool at its right place minimizes the time you spend searching for it later on.

When you are organizing yourself, the SOTO Personal Organization and Privacy Solutions are amazing. You can organize AND keep your workstation look stylish. SOTO has Mobile Caddy’s, Personal Pocket’s, Personal Hook, and a Functional Screen available for usage. According to, you can:

  • Store personal and professional items ranging from work bags to laptop cases.
  • Inline casters make items easily accessible while allowing for quick storage under worksurfaces.

View the entire line-up of SOTO products and watch your organization increase, while clutter around your work area decreases. This can help you to focus more on what is in front of you, rather than what is around you.

Take On The Biggest Tasks First

Many people start the day by doing a few relatively unimportant tasks to “warm up” before they take on the more challenging jobs of the day. However, studies have shown that we are most productive during the first half of the day. Don’t waste your resources on small tasks that leave you with less energy and willpower in the latter half of the day. Instead, take on the most significant responsibilities first so that you can give it your absolute best. This helps to build up your momentum that you can maintain through the day and minimizes workplace stress.

If you are wanting to increase the productivity throughout your office, the Brody Worklounge can help to improve productivity around your office. Everyone needs to take a break now and again from the busy work noise that surrounds them. Incorporating the Brody Worklounge can help to increase your employee’s productivity, through ergonomically designed comfort. The privacy shell surrounding the Brody Worklounge helps to shield employees from the bustle going on around them while allowing them to concentrate on what they want to accomplish.

Collaboration is another way that you can reduce stress. When you are working together with a team, projects get more than one set of eyes. It also gives team members the chance to ask for some help should they get stuck on a project. Some teams are spread out, so having the technology available to share information seamlessly makes the process painless. Using technology such as media:scape or the Virtual PUCK. Share, grow and complete projects with these tools, while watching your employees collaborate and grow.

Perform weekly reviews

The secret to success is to always work on improving yourself. Regardless of how organized you are, there will still be room for improvement, and it is your responsibility to identify them and work on them. Spend some time each week to find more efficient ways to perform your daily activities. Do not be afraid to experiment with some changes to your environment or your approach, especially if you believe that it will improve your productivity at work.

As each person has a unique approach to their work, the solutions leading towards better productivity can be customized to suit each working style. Explore other techniques to maximize your productivity, and you will soon be making the most out of every day!

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