When it comes to designing our workspace, we often do not give much thought to materials. However, these materials can enhance and renew a workspace that needs a little TLC. Each employee has different personal tastes when it comes to what esthetically pleases them. More employers are taking this into account when updating and renewing work areas. Steelcase has a vast array of materials to choose from. From desktops to chair coverings, and so much more, there are so many ways to create and design what you have in mind.

Encourage and Promote Personalization of Your Workspace

As you create your work area to promote productivity, being comfortable in your surroundings is a bonus. Placing calming photos, adding plants and having windows to let in sunlight is a huge help. But there is more to work areas than strategically placed cheer items. Having a workspace conform around your employees can help increase productivity.

Steelcase understands workspaces. This is why they work continually to ensure that every piece that they design has you in mind. From the smallest detail, every piece is designed and well tested to ensure that it will not only meet your standards but exceed them in every possible way. They not only think about the durability of the products but the aesthetic aspects of them as well. Each piece can be modified with surface and cover materials, per your specifications. Bring more personalization to your space.  

As Steelcase.com says:

First, our textiles are designed to work with our hard surfaces. Secondly, you can choose any architectural elements for a space, and our surfaces will coordinate with them. And, finally, our offering allows for you to create the environment you want, using the finishes you want.

Improve Emotional Wellbeing Of Employees

Employers are placing more emphasis on employee wellbeing. Many employers want to keep their employees in their companies for more extended periods of time. They are doing what they can to ensure that employees enjoy a well-rounded workplace. Using desks that can raise or lower as needed, or incorporating lounge areas that can be used for increased productivity, each area is being considered and reworked.

“We see interests in making spaces more eclectic, not so monolithic in colors, patterns, and settings,” says Bruce Smith, Steelcase director of global design.

Productivity and collaboration continue to be the emphasis in the workplace. Steelcase is working hard to ensure that their products remain durable and functional for every scenario that your office could need. Privacy areas, employee lounges, technology, and more, Steelcase promotes and maintains their vision to work for you. View more on the materials and products that can be incorporated into your workspaces.

Let Us Help You

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