Workspaces are transforming, and the Umami Lounge System is a testament as to just how far we’ve come. New companies are emerging, with fresh ideas and inspiring designs. With new businesses starting, open and airy workplaces are becoming more commonplace. What were once partition areas and claustrophobic cubicles, are giving way to workspaces more conducive to collaboration, comfort, and style. However, we can see a shift in the way we work. Power needs to be portable, and surroundings need to support a less stressful and more welcoming workplace. Here at Steelcase, we have designed this system to encourage just that.

The Umami Lounge System: The Portable, Comfortable Workspace

The Umami Lounge System encompasses five key elements: Lounges, Platforms, Tables, Screens, and Power. All of these elements securely link together with ease. They also unlock just as easily for quick rearrangement. Now you have a user-friendly and easily changeable system.

With the flexibility of the Umami Lounge System, you can transform one area into another quickly. For example, you can take an open seating lounge and create a private, meeting-appropriate section. Our line features integrated power supplies to keep your team productive at any location in your workspace. Meetings can now take place any time, anywhere, with ease, comfort, and style.

We also understand that employees will need time to de-stress and unwind.  Our screens and furniture pieces can be easily re-configured to give your workplace a private respite. Also, our platforms are height-adjustable, power equipped and designed to fit between our pieces. If you are encouraging standing desks or having an impromptu brainstorming session, you have everything you need. Equipment where you need it, to complete projects.

Our seating options also feature beautiful shapes. We offer the comfort of lounges with the benefit of ergonomics. We know the way you work, and design our spaces to make the best office furniture we can. At Steelcase, we strive to make your workspace the best it can be.

View the exciting Umami Lounge System here:

Emotion and Connection with the Umami Lounge System

Our focus with this system is simple: We want to offer a space to foster creativity and self-expression. It creates a place where employees can feel an emotional connection. At Steelcase, we know that a workspace directly impacts productivity, mood, and motivation. With a wide array of colors, finishes, and textures, you can create your home-away-from-home. From leather and silk to veneer and our new lux coatings, you can design a space that’s beautiful, luxurious, and functional. Whether your workspace is big or small, the Umami Lounge System can be tailored to suit your workspace’s unique esthetic and work needs.  

Bring Luxury and Comfort to Your Workspace Today

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