Workstations are getting a facelift with the Mackinac workspace. Many times we view an office area as something that we sit in for several hours a day, work, and then go home. But now, you can get a more relaxed feeling, AND become more efficient at work.

The Mackinac desk is the solution! Not only can you work individually, but it also transforms into space for collaborative efforts with co-workers. If you are feeling the need to step away from your desk and get a brief respite from work stress, you can slip into the small space in the back and spend a couple of minutes to rejuvenate.

Microzones For Your Work Spaces

The Mackinac provides many different microzones for your work area. Instead of spending time looking for the best area to work, the Mackinac transforms your area. Now you can quickly go from working alone to collaborating with colleagues. The Mackinac requires a small space, this workstation creates a smaller footprint in your workspace and helps to achieve all the different activities that teams use for creation and production each day.

Did we mention that the Mackinac is height-adjustable? Don’t bend over trying to show your team lead a new idea. The height-adjustable desk will rise or lower depending on the needs of the user. This is great for your overall physical health as well. Sitting all day can be hard on your lower back and shoulders. Standing from time to time, getting the blood circulating can increase productivity. Moving around will also help shake the tired feeling that can come on in the early afternoon hours.

Getting a few moments of quiet time is sometimes necessary. Take a few moments to reflect over the meeting that is upcoming. Grab ten minutes of zen, closing your eyes to relax and replenish after a long day. The shelving towers can hold all your technological needs, as well as helping to create a private area that can be used for retreat when work stress gets to be too much.

Customize Your Mackinac

Being able to customize your work area with your personal tastes is now within your grasp! With the Mackinac, you can choose from several different options. As stated on the website, choose from veneers, laminates, glass, textiles and more! This will help to create a more comfortable work area. Mix and match your colors and materials to the perfect representation of you.

View the Mackinac workstation here: 

Rejuvenate Your Office Today!

Bring the Mackinac into your office space today! We have a dedicated team standing by ready to help you design and implement your office needs. From top to bottom, start to finish, we look forward to assisting you in all your workspace needs. Contact us today!