Whiteboards are quickly replacing the old chalkboards and dry erase boards. The ease and slim design of whiteboards, in addition to the many ways that collaboration can be implemented, are amazing.

Use Whiteboards To Boost Collaboration

Whether in a business setting or educational space, collaboration takes place all the time. Being able to lay out the ideas from start to finish on one board, no matter what you are working on matters.

The new Steelcase Whiteboards are bringing new concepts and slim designs. According to steelcase.com:

Collaborating means sharing information. It means throwing ideas into the mix, or onto the wall. When people work together, innovation happens. Steelcase Premium Whiteboards use vertical space to bring people and ideas together. And since 82% of white-collar workers pull up a chair and collaborate regularly, everyone needs the perfect place to gather ‘round.

People remember what they see. Steelcase Premium Whiteboards let you put your thoughts where others can see them. Draw a picture. Put up information, then build on it. People are 20% more likely to remember something if it’s displayed on a wall. When every one is sharing together, they’re learning together. And everyone’s on the same page.

Being able to bring the team together, and collaborate on new projects and ideas are helping to increase workplace productivity. This leads to faster conclusions on projects, as well as better rounded ideas and solutions. That is a win-win for your team!

Whiteboards and Classroom Learning

Educational spaces can really benefit from the whiteboards! Being able to have space for more than one student at a time to be on the board, and working on ideas together. But there are also smaller options available, which can be used for group projects. Breaking students up into small working groups will allow them to collaborate and learn as they work together. Mistakes can be erased and corrected with ease.

Everyone has a different learning style. Being able to incorporate many different styles together ensures that everyone can learn at their comfort level.

Incorporate The Whiteboard To Your Space

The whiteboard can make a difference to your space. Employees and students alike will enjoy, collaborate, and learn. Each whiteboard comes with a lifetime warranty, and the images that you add and erase will not cloud your next compilation. They require very low maintenance and will hold up for many many years. Each investment is a decision that you can be comfortable with. To find out how to get your own whiteboard, contact us today and let our efficient team guide you