Innovation is always happening. Here at Steelcase, we are committed to maintaining a high level of design and comfort. As the design team works to create new products, our clients are firmly at the head of our plans.

As new and upcoming ideas are discussed, the teams at each Steelcase location knows that each and every design must conform to the needs of everyday life. Every model is expertly designed and tested for durability and functionality. There is always something exciting happening at Steelcase. Innovation is our passion, and we are thrilled to share it with you.

It Started With A Fire

After the great fire of 1912, some drastic changes needed to happen. After doing some research and planning, we got our inspiration. It all started out with one item and quickly grew into much more.

View the exciting start here: 

Designing With Technology and Innovation

As Steelcase grew, so did the ideas and the needs of our fabulous clients. Each new design and innovation has evolved into even more plans. Technology and innovation go hand in hand. As technology expands so to do the products that we can bring to you. From desks that allow you to rise or sit as needed to areas that promote quiet productivity and employee collaboration. Only the best products make it through the process to be released and shown to our amazing customers.

The design team pulls only the best ideas and technology together to bring the highest quality of products. We are continually drawing, testing and designing new plans and products to increase productivity in whatever space you need it. We get our best inspiration from listening to you!

Grow With Us

We are continually adding new and exciting products to our company. As we grow, we are committed to bringing you the best that we have to offer. Our products stand against the test of time, and we are proud of what we can bring to your workspaces. From offices to education – we have a full series of items that can help to bring efficiency and productivity to your spaces. But we didn’t stop there! Decorative elements are also available which gives added ambiance to any area.

Our dedicated team of professionals is standing by to help you design and re-create any space. Contact us today and let us help you bring your visions to reality. We look forward to growing with you!