The holidays are in full swing! While this year begins to wind down, we look back on a year full of great memories and adventures. At the beginning of the year, we make our New Year’s Resolutions. These resolutions can range from wanting to lose weight, becoming more active, reading more, etc. There is always something that we want to improve on. But often time, our office furniture gets overlooked. While we are wanting to keep other things looking new, and staying on the cutting edge, many times our most used office items are the ones that really need to be updated. This coming year, update your office furniture and keep the holiday feeling all year long. Make one of your resolutions to update or add new office furniture this year. We are going to share some of our favorites with you!

Become More Active With Height Adjustable Desks

From corporate offices, medical facilities, and educational offices, height adjustable desks are perfect for many reasons. Being more active during work hours can lead to better work output. These desks help employees stay more active during the day. By adding more movement during the day, employees are happier. There are many benefits of a height adjustable desk! Of course, we love all of our furniture, but these desks can really change the layout of your space, and of course, help keep your employees more active!

In addition to desks, there are several collections available that can help spruce up spaces. The Jenny and the B-Free Collection really light up a room. Customizable, and easily adapted to any workspace. Encourage collaboration and interaction! From students to CEO’s these collections are amazing. The B-Free is a popular favorite for many with the different pieces and many various setup options.  

Cutting Edge Technology

Now, we don’t just deal with office furniture. We stay up to date with the latest in technology for your workspaces. Here at Steelcase, technology and the many changes are always at the forefront of our minds. We understand that technology is constantly changing. As technology continues to play larger roles in our daily lives, many of our pieces are designed with technology and you in mind.

One example would be the Gesture. Check out this fabulous chair and the many technological benefits associated with it. However, aside from the office furniture, we have some amazing pieces to introduce you to that you will just fall in love with.

  • The Media:scape: easily share and present information to patients in a medical office, or share a presentation with a small group of students or executives. The Media:scape is portable and easily moves from room to room.
  • Sonet Qt: This device helps to combat noise pollution in the work areas. This helps employees focus more on the task at hand, rather than what is going on around them. Keep work areas productive with this addition to your office!
  • Workplace Advisor: Get real-time data for your work areas. See which areas are getting the most traffic AND MORE!

Visit our website and blog to get more information on these items, and discover even more!

Turn Office Furniture Resolutions Into Reality

Our resolution is, and always will be our commitment to you. From the start of your project to the end, we are committed to excellence and exceeding our expectations. Come in and visit us today, or contact us via our website, and let us help you get the office furniture of your dreams. Whatever your workspace, we can help ensure that each piece selected will fit and be an asset. We look forward to another year working within the community! Happy New Year!