The Mackinac continues to inspire. There are so many different reasons to love the many interchangeable faces that comprise this fabulous workstation. As the new year kicks off with brand new projects and goals, the Mackinac helps to make them happen!

Make one of the work goals for this year more collaboration between employees. The Mackinac can help increase collaboration between colleagues. Now, there are many things that we could tell you about the Mackinac and why it’s the best. But, what if we can break it down and give TWO huge reasons why it is a smart decision?

Mackinac Makes A Powerful Workstation

Making a statement in your office is simple. The workstation allows for greater mobility during the day. Sitting all day can make one tired, and productivity decrease. But the Mackinac has a height adjustable desktop, which allows for the user to stand and sit at varying times during the workday. The height adjustable top also allows for projects to be worked on together. Increasing collaboration can bring greater results on projects and ideas. Shifting from individual work areas to sharing a workstation has never been easier! Simply raise the desk, and let productivity fly!

With the different setup options available, this system will please anyone! From the CEO to the bullpen, these desks are revolutionizing offices. With a smaller footprint than many traditional stations, Mackinac can open more space in your office. This can help create a feeling of more open workspace, utilizing the areas that you have available. With many businesses looking to capitalize on the space they already have, this system just makes sense!

Personalize Your Space

A regular desk can allow for only so much personalization. But the Mackinac has a handful of ways to make it your OWN space. Microzones allow for a little respite during the day. Take a five-minute break after that 3-hour meeting. Recenter and refocus. Each microzone allows for different productivity AND focuses during the day.

Using the shelving towers on the Mackinac, you can personalize and revolutionize your space. Create a quiet corner or a small area to keep your favorite plants. Set up your electronics with ease. Set up your shelving in such a way as to create a private workspace. There are 8 different setup options for the Mackinac system!

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Get Inspired Today

The new year is a great time to get a fresh start in the office. Bring in more open spaces, and inspire productivity! With the Mackinac, employees will not only gain the freedom for more collaboration but be able to personalize and design their areas with ease. Bring in this year with creative and inspiring pieces. Watching employees collaborating together is just icing on the cake!

We want to help with any office changes desired! Come into our showroom, or contact us today via our website. Our expert associates can assist you from start to finish! Our goal is to ensure that you are extremely satisfied with our products, and we dedicate ourselves to each project to ensure that nothing gets left behind or missed. We look forward to assisting you with all your office needs!