Today, workspaces are changing. Here at Steelcase, we can see a considerable shift in office space designs. However, many of these spaces are going from small boxed offices to more open, collaboration-friendly areas. This is especially true for workplaces that integrate the WorkCafe into their floor plan.

WorkCafe combines welcoming and vibrant esthetics with connectivity and dining. Working lunches have never been so comfortable! With spaces designed to help you collaborate and interact, the WorkCafe is the perfect solution. We have taken the common workplace cafe area and broken it down. These areas have been entirely reimagined. We have built in brand new features and comforts. Now you can take your lunch break areas from dull and uninspiring to colorful, connected, and engaging. Additionally, employees will not only enjoy their surroundings but be able to transition smoothly from a lunch break to meetings or quiet time.

WorkCafe: Key Zones

As we designed the WorkCafe, we built in five distinct zones. The five key zones of our WorkCafe line break down this way:

  • Social Zone: This is a zone designed specifically for social engagement and collaboration between coworkers. Encourage positive culture and interaction with the advantage of connectivity.
  • Specialty Zone: This area has been specially designed for dining and socialization. Within this space, employees can easily translate into smaller meeting group areas.
  • Nomadic Zone: For those that need a quieter retreat, or a meeting space for remote workers, this zone offers seclusion, comfort, and connectivity. Rejuvenate and relax in comfort.
  • Meeting Zone: Meetings can now be spontaneous and private, with easy-to-move components.
  • Resource Center: As the perfect replacement for the typical break room, this space offers employees a beautiful area. Now they can have easy access to work amenities, along with counter space, appliances, and more.

At Steelcase, we understand how vital connectivity is. Every zone of our WorkCafe line is connectable. By incorporating these amenities means you have access to everything you need, where you need it, seamlessly. Learn more about the WorkCafe Line from Steelcase Here:

Connect And Relax

Generally, lunch breaks are a time to retreat from work. With the WorkCafe line, you can enjoy your time in a connected, quiet space. Do you have a virtual call with a client in a different country? Our meeting zone is the perfect solution for privacy and connection.  We are committed to putting employee welfare first. Additionally, understanding employee wellbeing and overall workplace culture have a lot to do with your surroundings. We believe that investing in employees’ well-being is an integral part of a growing, dynamic organization. These needs led to beautiful, functional break areas.

However, Steelcase is continually eyeing new, more efficient workspaces. Together, we create designs as we understand the needs of our customers grow. As is customary, we strive to make your workplace beautiful, inspiring, practical, and useful. We offer a variety of textures, colors, and styling options. You can have full creative control over how your WorkCafe looks and feels. After all, what it provides to your employees is what drives us to continue in our designs. We are always available to help you find a system that works best for your unique situation. Contact us today for your free quote!