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Mackinac by Steelcase re-envisions the workplace and helps people move, think and feel better by supporting the range of activities leaders and their teams do throughout the day—all in a compact footprint.

Team Project Room

Winter 2020

Say hello to a more collaborative workplace. Get inspired by 6 new settings, featuring 26 new products, that encourage your team to get together and enjoy getting work done.

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Create A Powerful Inspiration With Mackinac

The Mackinac continues to inspire. There are so many different reasons to love the many interchangeable faces that comprise this fabulous workstation. As the new year kicks off with brand new projects and goals, the Mackinac helps to make them happen! Make one of the work goals for this year more collaboration between employees. The…


Focus, Collaborate, and Rejuvenate with the Mackinac Now

Workstations are getting a facelift with the Mackinac workspace. Many times we view an office area as something that we sit in for several hours a day, work, and then go home. But now, you can get a more relaxed feeling, AND become more efficient at work. The Mackinac desk is the solution! Not only…


Why Collaboration Matters In The Workplace

As the workplace methods shift, so too does the importance of collaboration. While we see vast movements in the ways that offices around the world are operating, one thing has stood out. Collaboration. More employers are recognizing the benefit of this movement, with better productivity and less burn out rates. While it may seem like…


Your Storage Options Have Never Looked So Amazing!

Spring has sprung, and this is the time of year that we are motivated to do office cleanouts. Old paperwork is cleaned out and shredded. Furniture is moved around, and areas cleaned thoroughly. While everyone pitches in with the work, sometimes one can find that there are not enough storage options available. Do you have…


How to Add Nature into Your Office to Boost Employee Happiness

Learn how incorporating nature into your office design can lead to happy and productive employees.


Discover How To Stay Alert With The Active Lift Riser

Staying active is always on the top of New Year Resolution lists. The Active List Riser can help employees stay more active during a workday. Productivity is a must, and maintaining the level of work needed can sometimes be draining if you are sitting in one position all day. Imagine having the Active Lift Riser…


Seize Luxury with the Umami Lounge System Now

Workspaces are transforming, and the Umami Lounge System is a testament as to just how far we’ve come. New companies are emerging, with fresh ideas and inspiring designs. With new businesses starting, open and airy workplaces are becoming more commonplace. What were once partition areas and claustrophobic cubicles, are giving way to workspaces more conducive…