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Universal Modular Power System

Steelcase Universal Modular Power System

Steelcase Universal Modular Power System activates shared spaces – adding plenty of convenient places to plug in. Around a table or a grouping of desks, it’s all powered by a single outlet. No hardwiring or electrician needed.

Social Hub

Winter 2021

Expectations have changed. New solutions give people better ways to focus, collaborate and connect. Explore what’s new from the Steelcase family of brands.

Steelcase Series 2

Fall 2020

Explore the latest new products from our partner Steelcase.

Lounge chairs

Fall 2019

Fresh for Fall. Explore settings featuring 36 new products

Answer Beam

Answer Beam

Answer beam helps bring down barriers, making traditional work settings more open, casual and social. The Answer beam supports worksurfaces, personal storage, and screens to create robust yet open personal workstations. ​

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Benefits of a Height Adjustable Desk for Your Office

Height adjustable desks are becoming more commonplace in offices. With the focus on employee health and efficiency, these desks are hidden gems. Get ready to bring amazing into your office and see how these desks can help increase employee productivity. There are many fantastic features for these desks. However, we are going to focus on…


Ring In the New Year With New Office Furniture

The holidays are in full swing! While this year begins to wind down, we look back on a year full of great memories and adventures. At the beginning of the year, we make our New Year’s Resolutions. These resolutions can range from wanting to lose weight, becoming more active, reading more, etc. There is always…


Comfortably Working From Home Has Never Felt So Good

Working from home has become more popular in the last decade. Home offices are springing up all around the country. Forget having to visit a downtown office to see your lawyer. Now you don’t have to go uptown to see your counselor. Many of them are opening smaller offices in the comfort of their homes.…


Is The Future Of Furniture Design Robotic?

Furniture designs are constantly evolving. We are constantly looking for ways to condense, gaining space and the efficiency that we crave. While new designs are great, consumers want to see furniture that will make their space stand out, be ergonomic, and comfortable. Old designs are getting a complete makeover, with new features and functionality. Collaboration, technology,…


Incorporate Technology To Help Your Business Thrive

Technology is one of the integral parts of your business. In today’s world, successful businesses thrive and operate online each and every day. Between social media, blogging, and online sales, technology plays a large part in the success of each segment produced. Without the right technology, your business could suffer. Choosing which technology to use…


Answer: The Solution That Every Office Needs

When it comes to looking for the perfect solution for privacy and saving space, we have the ideal Answer! The answer is the ANSWER! It is the perfect solution for each office space. With tons of perks and setup options, why wait to bring this to your workspace? The Answer can help bring colleagues together,…


Discover How To Stay Alert With The Active Lift Riser

Staying active is always on the top of New Year Resolution lists. The Active List Riser can help employees stay more active during a workday. Productivity is a must, and maintaining the level of work needed can sometimes be draining if you are sitting in one position all day. Imagine having the Active Lift Riser…


Create A Powerful Inspiration With Mackinac

The Mackinac continues to inspire. There are so many different reasons to love the many interchangeable faces that comprise this fabulous workstation. As the new year kicks off with brand new projects and goals, the Mackinac helps to make them happen! Make one of the work goals for this year more collaboration between employees. The…


Seize Luxury with the Umami Lounge System Now

Workspaces are transforming, and the Umami Lounge System is a testament as to just how far we’ve come. New companies are emerging, with fresh ideas and inspiring designs. With new businesses starting, open and airy workplaces are becoming more commonplace. What were once partition areas and claustrophobic cubicles, are giving way to workspaces more conducive…